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Michael Palin: We could have been hostages if Trump said something

"You suddenly realise that they're all Koreans and they've been Koreans for a thousand, two thousand years," he says of the reaction. "They've only been separated for 70 years, so they see themselves as the same people, with the same interests. "It was reunification which excited people, because some of them have family who they never see, so this little step towards some kind of peace was hugely important." It could usher in a new era, he muses: "I get the feeling that they (North Koreans) want to open up to the rest of the world, but they're not quite sure how to do it without losing - I'm talking about the party regime here - control of the country, which they have. "We did see sort of tourist resorts and airports being built to deal with the people coming in; they wouldn't have spent that money unless this was a major change of policy." Can this landmark series enjoy the "Palin effect"? (His previous shows resulted in a spike in tourism for the visited destination). "If someone said to me, 'Should I go to North Korea?' I would say, 'Yes. Go'," he quips, with a smile. "All of us in the crew felt quite sad when it came time to leave and none of us expected that. "We all thought we were going to race home, get out of this madness, but actually not. But, then, we were well looked after." Does Palin - who has never shied away from adventure - ever have any travel-related worries?

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